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Stomp The Stigma

 Stomp the Stigma Recovery March and Resource Rally began when a few sober women decided to join forces and put together a march for those of us living and thriving in recovery, to show that we were not ashamed of who we were because it made us who we are today. It began with a vision to bring attention to the heartbreaking effects substance misuse, overdoses, and suicides were having in Ketchikan.


We believed we could speak out about the problem and have an opportunity to share our 

Experience, strength and hope found in recovery.  

We believed we could recover out loud and show others they did not have to be ashamed.

We believed our stories could show people they were not alone and that there are people living a life in recovery all around Ketchikan. 

We believed by joining voices we could help rid shame attached to substance misuse and mental health disorders. 

We believed we could make a difference and from that belief birthed something far more impacting than a one day event. It has become a movement.


This year we are fortunate enough to have a guest speaker from Oregon coming to speak. Rich Lois is a recovery advocate who has 41 thousand followers on TikTok.  He has been able to use this platform to spread a message to a large amount of people all over the world.  He has been available to those who feel they are alone and show them the family that can be found in recovery. He has been able to utilize the networks he is connected to and assist people finding their way to treatment and 12 step meetings.  He has been able to take the opportunity to use his story and his voice to positively effect a topic that is highly stigmatized. We are excited and grateful for his attendance. 

5th Annual
Stomp The Stigma Recovery March & Resource Rally

Stomp the Stigma gives a place loved ones can share the grief of loosing a loved one in the Gone but Not Forgotten poster series. A place those who have fought their way out of addiction and moved into a sober lifestyle could share their story and be proud of what they achieved in sobriety. A place where those still in the throws of the disease can seek suggestions on how to get help.  A place where treatment agencies can share their resources to those who may not know what help is available.

Join us Saturday, September 10th!


Resource Rally 11:00am

Recover March Noon 

Guest Speakers 1:00pm

100% of all donations and purchases of STS swag will go towards the funding of this event and future year events

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Danielle Duckworth

I am a homegrown Ketchikan girl who is a member of the recovery community. I had a slow and steady fall into substance use and after decades of closet using am finally living clean and sober sharing my story with anyone who will listen.  I believe the stigma and shame that keeps people from speaking out about their experience is crippling and unnecessary.  We NEED to speak our so our community understands they are not alone, we do recover and there IS HOPE!

What started as an event has become a message speaking to stigma through the state and I am proud of all it has become. 

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